8 Oct 2023

Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023: Big Bet Of CM Ashok Gehlot; Orders For Caste Census Issued At Night

Jaipur: The code of conduct for Rajasthan assembly elections-2023 can come into force in the state any time. Before this, CM Ashok Gehlot government has played a big gamble. 

CM Gehlot said a caste survey would be conducted in the state. After this, orders in this regard were also issued late Saturday evening. For this, orders have been issued by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department on Saturday night. 

Plans will be made on basis of survey results

CM Gehlot had talked about conducting caste survey during a program on Saturday evening. This decision of the Rajasthan government is being considered as a big gamble played by the government before the code of conduct is enforced. In the caste survey, information regarding the economic, social and educational level of the people will be obtained. 

Data will be collected from people. The government claims that by studying the data received, the backwardness of the societies can be assessed. Along with this, plans will be made accordingly. The Congress government also claims that such schemes will improve the standard of living of the backward classes. 

The state cabinet had taken a decision in this matter a few days ago. After this, an order was also issued on Saturday night by Dr. Samit Sharma, Secretary, Social Justice and Empowerment Department.

Data will be fed online

In the order from the department, it has been said that the Caste Survey Action Plan Department will be declared the nodal department. For the survey, the services of Collector, Municipality and City Council along with employees of various departments at Municipal Corporation, Village and Panchayat level can be taken. 

A questionnaire will be prepared by the nodal department. It will mention those things so that complete information about the economic, social and educational level of every person can be obtained. The information and data obtained during the survey will be fed online. Besides, DOIT will not only prepare separate special software for this but will also prepare a mobile app.

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