21 Nov 2023

Chhattisgarh: What T S Singhdeo will do if not made Chief Minister this time

Both phases of voting for the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly elections have been completed. Now, only the wait for the results remains. Meanwhile, in Chhattisgarh, the Congress is claiming to form the government for the second time. A significant statement by Deputy Chief Minister TS Singhdeo has come to light amidst the Congress's claims. Singhdeo's statement has heated up politics in the state Congress.

What Singhdeo said about the Chief Minister's position

Deputy Chief Minister Singhdeo has made a big statement regarding the Chief Minister's position. Singhdev said that in the current situation of not becoming the Chief Minister, this would be his last election. However, Singhdev clarified that he is not retiring from politics but will distance himself from electoral politics. In such a situation, whatever responsibility is given to him at the organizational level, he will handle it.

Opportunity for the youth

TS Singhdeo said that the youth should be given an opportunity. Singhdeo believes that if someone wants to remove him, he should vacate the seat himself before removal from post. And by doing so, young faces will also get a chance, which is essential.

Continued tension between Singhdeo and Baghel

Since the Congress government was formed in Chhattisgarh, there has been continuous tension between Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and Deputy Chief Minister Singhdeo regarding the Chief Minister's position. It is said that an agreement was reached between the two leaders to become Chief Minister for two and a half years each. However, this formula could not be applied. That's why a short time before the elections, TS Singhdeo was made Deputy Chief Minister. But even after that, TS Singhdeo's dissatisfaction came to the forefront once again.

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