6 Nov 2023

Delhi Air Pollution: AQI close to 500, odd-even to return from this date

Delhi Air Pollution: The situation is getting worse due to increasing air pollution in Delhi. In many places the Air Quality Index (AQI) has reached close to 500. There is fog throughout the capital in the morning.

Meanwhile, Delhi government is going to implement its old formula Odd-Even once. However, its demand was already rising. But this will now be implemented after Diwali. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi still remains in the 'severe' category. This morning, AQI was recorded at 466 in RK Puram, Delhi and 402 in ITO.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai held a press conference on the increasing pollution in the capital. In this, while talking about odd-even, he said that many new rules are being implemented in Delhi to control pollution. He said that the odd-even vehicle system will be in force for a week from November 13 to 20. The schedule for this will be released soon.

Gopal Rai said, “A meeting has been called tomorrow on 7 November at 12 noon to prepare for odd-even. Pollution is spread all over North India and BJP is sitting at the Center and just raising questions. There are more than 7000 buses in Delhi, out of which 1000 are electric buses. 

Rai said vehicular pollution has been seen to be the highest, so to control it, the decision of odd-even has been taken.

The national capital has been grappling with a sudden and alarming spike in air pollution levels, shortening the lives of its residents by about 12 years, according to experts.

Smoking 25–30 cigarettes in terms of damage to body: Expert

Senior lung specialist from Medanta, Arvind Kumar, said that the severe quality is equal to smoling about 25–30 cigarettes daily in terms of damage to the body.

Kumar said, "All age groups are adversely affected by air pollution. An unborn child is also affected. From head to toe, there's no organ in the body that escapes the ill effects of air pollution which causes obesity and asthma.

The alarming development signifies the beginning of the annual pollution season that has become a recurring catastrophe for the people residing in Delhi. Meanwhile, the authorities have taken several precautionary measures, including the closure of schools and a ban on non-essential construction activities in the city. The air quality index has soared to 500, which is the highest possible reading.

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