6 Nov 2023

MP: Video of Narendra Singh Tomar’s son allegedly discussing transactions worth crores goes viral. Cong said this

Bhopal: Supriya Shrinate, the social media chairperson of the Congress party, called for the resignation of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Monday. This demand came after a video, purportedly showing Tomar's son discussing transactions worth crores of rupees, went viral on social media. Shrinate also urged the immediate arrest of Tomar's son, Devendra Pratap Singh Tomar.

Addressing the press, Shrinate stated, "A video is circulating, in which Devendra Singh Tomar, son of Narendra Singh Tomar, appears to be involved in a bribery discussion. The Election Commission should take notice of this matter, review the video, and take prompt action. Deals worth Rs 100 crores and Rs 39 crores are being discussed. They mention a person named Tyagi associated with mining and the address proof of Krishna Menon."

Why are the ED, CBI, and I-T Dept silent?

Shrinate said further, “Narendra Singh Tomar has held the mining portfolio and resides on Krishna Menon Road, next to Amit Shah. Why are the ED, CBI, and Income Tax Department remaining silent on this matter? He is a prominent leader. The investigation can only proceed once he resigns from his position. Therefore, Narendra Singh Tomar should step down, and his son Devendra Tomar should be arrested," she added.

Shrinate also directed her criticism towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pointing out that despite his emphasis on combating corruption, such incidents are occurring under his watch. She questioned the possible connections that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his ministers might have in this matter.

Regarding the FIR filed claiming the video is fake, she responded, "I saw the video on social media and held a press conference about it. The truth will only become clear when investigative agencies take action, but they have all remained silent."

Devendra dismissed video as edited

It is worth noting that a video featuring Devendra Pratap Singh, the elder son of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, surfaced on Monday, where he can allegedly be heard discussing transactions involving hundreds of crores of rupees. Devendra dismissed the video as edited and an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

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