9 Nov 2023

MP Election-2023: In Scindia's stronghold Rahul Gandhi assures caste census, makes this promise for children of marginalized communities

In the run up to MP Election-2023, Rahul Gandhi addressed a big public meeting in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday, making significant announcements. He declared that, once the Congress government is established, a caste census will be initiated in Madhya Pradesh, followed by a nationwide census once the government takes charge at the Center. Notably, he delivered this message in Ashoknagar, traditionally considered a stronghold of Scindia.

Referring to a viral video in the district featuring Devendra Pratap Singh Tomar, son of Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Rahul Gandhi strongly criticized the BJP, accusing Tomar's son of corruption. 

Rahul highlighted the disparity between the opportunities for the children of BJP leaders, who study in prestigious universities and establish businesses, and those from marginalized communities, who are discouraged from learning English and urged to stick to Hindi.

While expressing support for Hindi, Rahul Gandhi emphasized the importance of learning English for progress. Drawing parallels with Chhattisgarh, he pledged to standardize English education in Madhya Pradesh's government schools once the Congress government assumes power.

Rahul Gandhi underscored the need for a caste census, revealing that in his interactions with unemployed youth, their caste identities played a crucial role. He criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi's assertion that there is only one caste in India—the poor. Rahul argued that if 50 percent of the unemployed belong to the OBC category, they should have a more significant share in the country.

Taking a swipe at BJP leaders, Rahul Gandhi referred to a controversial incident involving Sidhi urination and accused them of exploiting tribal communities. He pledged that a Congress government would protect the rights of tribal communities over water, forest, and land.

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