18 Nov 2023

ODI World Cup 2023 final: Pat Cummins shares his thoughts on Mohammed Shami, Team India, and prospects of Australia lifting trophy

On the eve of the ODI World Cup 2023 final, Australian captain Pat Cummins commended the skills of Team India's fast bowler, Mohammed Shami, acknowledging him as the primary threat to his team. During a press conference, Cummins expressed admiration for Shami's impressive performance, highlighting his outstanding bowling.

Speaking about Team India's overall performance in the tournament, Cummins acknowledged their excellence but asserted that Australian team is also performing well. He noted the substantial support India receives from the crowd in Ahmedabad, emphasizing the passionate fan base witnessed in their match against Pakistan.

Despite Australia's less-than-ideal start, Cummins expressed confidence in the team's ability to perform well. He drew parallels with their victorious 1999 campaign after losing the first two matches. He emphasized the team's focus on the upcoming final.


All five Indian bowlers bowling very well

Commenting on India's bowling strength, Cummins praised the proficiency of all five Indian bowlers who contribute by bowling full 10-over spells. He highlighted the excellent form of the team's fast bowlers and the economical and wicket-taking contributions from Kuldeep Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja in the middle overs.

Assessing the pitch conditions, Cummins mentioned that the pitch in Ahmedabad looks promising, having been utilized in previous tournament matches. He expressed expectations for Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood to deliver standout performances in the final.

Addressing the importance of the toss, Cummins downplayed its significance compared to the semi-final in Mumbai, where it played a crucial role in India's victory. He confirmed the absence of any injury concerns within the Australian team.

Reflecting on the prospect of winning the World Cup, Cummins conveyed the significance of such an achievement, expressing the pleasure it would bring to lift the trophy with his talented teammates.

Recapping Australia's journey in the World Cup, Cummins highlighted the team's resilience after a challenging start, winning seven consecutive matches to reach the final. He detailed victories over Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Netherlands, New Zealand, England, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, culminating in a semi-final triumph against South Africa by three wickets.

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