26 Nov 2023

Rajasthan Election 2023: Sangh and BJP face to face on this seat, who will win?

In the Rajasthan Assembly elections-2023, everyone's eyes are on Bhilwara seat. The main reason for this is a rebel candidate contesting on Bhilwara seat. This candidate is associated with the Sangh. When he did not get the ticket, he rebelled against BJP. Due to this, all kinds of speculations regarding the seat are being made. Will rebel candidate Ashok Kothari outplay BJP or will Congress take advantage of the rebellion?


Who is Ashok Kothari

Ashok Kothari has been a volunteer of the Sangh. Bhilwara city knows him as a 'Gau Bhakt' or a cow devotee. Sources say that in Bhilwara people very much like rebel candidate Kothari. Ashok Kothari has the support not only of the public but also of the Sangh. This is the reason why Kothari's victory is considered certain.

Who has BJP fielded?

BJP has fielded Vitthal Shankar Awasthi on this seat. Awasthi is an old volunteer. Awasthi has been MLA thrice and this time also due to better coordination with the local MP, he became the choice of the high command.

Bhilwara is BJP stronghold

It is said that in Rajasthan, BJP contests elections on only 199 seats because Bhilwara seat has been going to BJP for years. In fact, the caste equation on this seat is such that the number of Brahmins, Maheshwari and Baniyas is slightly higher here. This is the reason why it is considered a safe seat of BJP. BJP has been continuously winning this seat since 1998. Therefore now the biggest question is whether Ashok Kothari will lead the Sangh to victory on this seat or will BJP win.

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