20 Nov 2023

Rajasthan Election 2023: What challenges Sachin Pilot face in Tonk? Will people prefer a local candidate?

Rajasthan Election 2023: Casting of votes is scheduled in Rajasthan in five days, with the fate of candidates set to be determined on December 3. Meanwhile, the Tonk Assembly constituency presents a potential hurdle for Sachin Pilot due to local issues. 

Currently, Tonk Assembly is a focal point of political discourse as Sachin Pilot, the former Deputy Chief Minister, contends for elections here, facing competition from ex-BJP MLA Ajit Mehta.

Ajit Mehta positioning himself as a local contender

Ajit Mehta, the former MLA, along with his robust team, is challenging Pilot vigorously, positioning himself as a local contender. In contrast, Pilot asserts his victory based on his popularity and the significant support he garnered in 2018, securing over 54,000 votes from the traditional Congress vote bank.

People prefer a candidate who addresses their concerns

Amidst the claims of the Congress and promises from the BJP, women in Tonk city, Rajasthan, openly evaluated the situation. Many people, especially women, have stated their preference for a candidate who addresses their concerns, resolves issues like education and employment, and tackles their problems. 

They highlighted the pollution in Tonk city's ponds as a major issue, lamenting the lack of attention from any party's MLA over the past several decades. However, people seem content with the performance of the Congress.

Some women expressed the view that development is occurring through the initiatives of the Modi government schees. With these varied opinions, the decision now hinges on whether Sachin Pilot, the former Deputy Chief Minister, will secure re-election or if the appeal to choose the local candidate, Ajit Mehta of the BJP, will influence voters. This decision will be finalized after the pressing of the EVM button on November 25 and the subsequent vote counting on December 3.

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