20 Nov 2023

Rajasthan Election 2023 Update: Why BJP Alwar candidate Sanjay Sharma said Sachin Pilot's engine is in hands of Ashok Gehlot?

Rajasthan Election 2023 Update: During the election campaign, BJP candidate from Alwar Shahar Assembly Seat Sanjay Sharma attacked Sachin Pilot and said that Sachin Pilot's engine is in the hands of Ashok Gehlot. But Pilot saying that BJP's engine has failed. He said that BJP government will be formed in Rajasthan. The public has understood the lies of Gehlot government.

Sharma asserted that Ashok Gehlot controls Pilot's political fate and claimed that the BJP is gaining ground. Sharma said that a BJP government is on the horizon in Rajasthan, with the public seeing through the deceit of the Gehlot administration.

'People recognize the falsehoods perpetuated by Gehlot govt'

The electoral atmosphere in the state is intensifying, marked by ongoing meetings of leaders of major parties and various campaign activities such as road shows and door-to-door interactions. Sharma highlighted his accomplishments over the past 5 years, claiming widespread public satisfaction and asserting that citizens recognize the falsehoods perpetuated by the Gehlot government.

Dispelling the notion of being merely a candidate only in the name, Sharma expressed confidence in the people's active participation in the electoral process, stating that the upcoming victory in the Alwar Shahar Assembly Seat will belong to the common people who have taken control of the election. Alwar Shahar, recognized as a BJP stronghold, appears to be leaning in favor of the party, he said.

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