23 Nov 2023

Rajasthan Election-2023: Why EC imposed ban on Congress advertisement about 7 Guarantees

The EC has imposed a ban on Congress Advertisement for the 7 Guarantees in Rajasthan. Over the past few days, the public in the state has been consistently receiving recorded calls during the election season. These calls feature Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's voice providing information about the Congress party's 7 guarantees, urging people to register for the related benefits during the call. However, the Election Commission has now prohibited this advertisement.

The ban comes in response to a complaint filed by the BJP, which raised objections to the campaign. Upon investigation, the Election Commission discovered that the advertisement had not received approval from the State Level Advertisement Certification Committee established by the EC. Subsequently, the EC imposed a ban on the advertisement.

EC seeks explanation

In a notice issued to the Congress party, the Election Commission has stated that the party is broadcasting two IVRS/OVD messages related to its election campaign without obtaining permission from the State Level Advertisement Certification Committee. The party has been instructed to cease the transmission of these audio messages immediately and provide an explanation for broadcasting the advertising message without proper authorization.

Advertisement Approval Process

As per regulations, any party or candidate releasing election campaign advertisements must obtain approval from the Advertisement Certification Committee established by the Election Commission. Failure to do so is considered a violation of the model code of conduct, and the Election Commission reserves the right to take action against the party or candidate in such cases.

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