23 Nov 2023

Rajasthan assembly elections-2023: Congress said this in response to PM Modi's views on Rajesh and Sachin Pilot

PM Narendra Modi addressed the ongoing campaign for the Rajasthan assembly elections-2023, asserting his views on Sachin Pilot just a day before the election buzz would settle. 

Speaking in Jahazpur, Bhilwara, the Prime Minister claimed that anyone challenging the Congress Party's leadership faced consequences. Modi cited the example of Rajesh Pilot. He suggested that Rajesh Pilot's attempt to challenge the Gandhi family led to his downfall, and now his son Sachin Pilot was bearing the consequences.

Congress denounced Modi's statement as false

The Congress party has also responded by calling PM Modi's statement a lie. 

The Congress party said, “Sachin Pilot, the capable son of Rajesh Pilot ji, was not only a minister at the Center but was also the President of Rajasthan Congress and then also the Deputy Chief Minister. Today he is a member of the Congress Working Committee and remains involved in election campaigning and other party programs."

The Congress party suggested that instead of spreading falsehoods about Rajesh Pilot, and the Congress Party, the Prime Minister should apologize to the Gurjar community for the deaths that occurred during the Gurjar movement under BJP rule.

Rajesh Pilot left IAF to enter politics, inspired by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi

The Congress party clarified Rajesh Pilot's political journey, stating that he left the Indian Air Force to enter politics, inspired by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Congress emphasized Rajesh Pilot's leadership against communal forces. 

Congress party wrote, "Rajesh Pilot ji contested the election of Congress President against Sitaram Kesari under the democratic process of Congress. The Prime Minister, due to his partial knowledge, forgot that Sonia Gandhi was not in active politics at that time. Nor was any other member of the Gandhi family in politics at that time."

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