8 Nov 2023

Speculations Begin After Rahul Gandhi Meets Varun Gandhi In Kedarnath

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his cousin and BJP MP Varun Gandhi met briefly on Tuesday during a visit to the Kedarnath temple. Sources have given this information. 

The two brothers have rarely been seen meeting in public. The meeting of the two cousins has started speculation in some circles about the political future of Varun Gandhi.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi has wrapped up his 3-day visit to Kedarnath. He interacted with locals besices having darshan of Mahadev and performing worship rituals. Rahul also participated in the Mahabhishek of Mahadev.

Varun Gandhi, son of Sanjay Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi, has not been seen at major BJP meetings in recent months and his views have differed from the party on several important issues. He is a Lok Sabha member from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. 

Sources said the two members of the Gandhi family met briefly outside the holy temple and greeted each other. They said the meeting was "very short" and "warm".

Sources said that Rahul Gandhi was very happy to meet Varun's daughter during this period. Sources said that although the two cousins do not meet, they have good relations. 

Sources also said that there was no political discussion in this meeting. Rahul Gandhi is in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand for the last three days, while Varun Gandhi visited Kedarnath with his family on Tuesday.

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