16 Nov 2023

Uproar after Nana Patekar slaps child during shooting of film, actor gave this clarification

A video featuring actor Nana Patekar has gained widespread attention on social media. The video shows him slapping a child. Reports suggest that the incident occurred during the filming of the movie 'Journey' in Varanasi.

In response to the viral video, Nana Patekar issued a clarification. He explained in a video shared on 'X', "There seems to be a misunderstanding regarding a video circulating on social media. The incident occurred due to a miscommunication during rehearsals for my upcoming film 'Journey'."

In the video statement, Patekar explained that the scene required him to slap a child for a scene in the film. However, during the rehearsal, another child unexpectedly entered the scene. Patekar mistakenly assumed him to be the child actor from the film, leading to the inadvertent slap. This happened by mistake, I didn’t know where he came from, Nana said.

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