13 Nov 2023

Will tension between Indian and Chinese armies in Ladakh ease before onset of winter? What measures are being taken?

In Ladakh, the ongoing tension between the Indian and Chinese armies stationed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is anticipated to ease in the coming days.

Ground commanders from both armies are currently engaged in discussions to address crucial issues before the onset of winter, aiming to prevent any untoward incidents. The talks are particularly significant as both armies are making adjustments to their deployments in preparation for the approaching winter.

Discussions are underway between local commanders on both sides, focusing on changes in deployments at various locations along the LAC. These talks are taking place at ten different points along the border. 

To ensure a smooth transition into winter and prevent any unexpected incidents, discussions are also occurring at the brigade level and among military officers below that rank.

Additional meetings between officers from both sides are expected

In the coming weeks, additional meetings between officers from both sides are expected. The Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) related to the current border protocol have been discussed in several rounds, leading to an agreement to adhere to the existing protocol.

To mitigate the risk of ground-level clashes, it is emphasized that informing the other side before patrolling activities is essential. Indian forces have already initiated preparations in anticipation of winter, starting last week. Another round of talks between senior officers from both armies could take place before the onset of warmer weather.

Even though confidence building measures are being implemented, sufficient number of reserve soldiers have been kept in the interior areas so that any emergency situation can be dealt with effectively.

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