7 Dec 2023

Bharat Adivasi Party, formed 3 months ago, won three seats in Rajasthan… captured this seat of MP; party MLA in Madhya Pradesh lives in mud house

Along with Madhya Pradesh, BJP has won a bumper victory in the assembly elections in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. This time it was being said that Aam Aadmi Party would prove to be a vote katwa, but this could not happen, although instead of AAP, Bharat Adivasi Party has definitely performed better. It has got three seats in Rajasthan and 1 seat in Madhya Pradesh. 

Bharat Adivasi Party came into existence only three months ago. Earlier the name of the party was Bharat Tribal Party. In Rajasthan, BSP has won 2 seats and Bharat Adivasi Party has won 3 seats. At the same time, BSP and SP's account has not been opened in MP, but Bharat Adivasi Party has captured the Sailana seat of Ratlam.

Bharat Adivasi Party, formed three months ago, has won 3 seats in the Rajasthan Assembly elections 2023. Bharat Adivasi Party founder Rajkumar Roat has won from Chaurasi assembly constituency by 69 thousand 166 votes. Umesh Meena won from Aspur Assembly by 28 thousand 940 votes. Thawar Chand won from Dhariyavad Assembly by 6 thousand 691 votes. 

Dodiyar took loan to contest poll

Bharat Adivasi Party got 1 seat in Madhya Pradesh. Here Bharat Adivasi Party candidate Kamleshwar Dodiyar managed to register victory from Sailana seat of Ratlam district. He defeated Harsh Vijay Gehlot of Congress by 4 thousand 648 votes. Sailana has been a part of the traditional seat of Congress. Kamleshwar had contested the elections by taking a loan of Rs 12 lakh. After winning, he traveled about 350 KM by bike and reached Bhopal. 

Meanwhile, the Association for Democratic Reform (ADR) has analyzed the affidavits of all the 230 candidates who won the elections. According to ADR report, Kamleshwar Dodiyar, who won the election from Sailana seat of Ratlam district, is the poorest MLA. He had contested the elections on the reserved tribal seat under the banner of Bharat Adivasi Party. This seat was formed in September this year.

Dodiyar lives in mud house

Dodiyar's childhood was spent in poverty. To pursue his studies, he had to work as a laborer and tiffin delivery boy. He still lives in a mud house. When it rains, water drips from its roof. He doesn't have any car.

Newly elected MLA Dodiyar said, "My party colleagues supported me in the election campaign. They campaigned for me on an empty stomach. They even spent money from their own pockets for the campaign. I was asked to submit documents at the secretariat. I had to go to Bhopal immediately. I don't have a car. So I left for Bhopal by bike."

Kamleshwar Dodiyar said, "I am certainly very poor, but I want to do good work for the underprivileged. I will work with honesty and full dedication to implement the government schemes."

Dodiyar does not have any political background

Kamleshwar Dodiyar does not have any political background, yet he defeated the stalwarts of Congress as well as BJP in the elections. This is the reason why his victory is being discussed across the country including Madhya Pradesh. Dodiyar has been continuously fighting on the issue of tribals for the last several years. Even when the election results were coming on December 3, his mother was working as a laborer. Now the son of a laborer is an MLA from Sailana seat of Ratlam district.

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