7 Dec 2023

Former cricketer Sreesanth said- 'Gautam Gambhir should not have said what he said...'

Former Indian bowler S Sreesanth expressed concern over his altercation with Gautam Gambhir on Wednesday stating that Gambhir used inappropriate language that he shouldn't have. 

The incident occurred during a match between Gujarat Giants and India Capitals in the Legends League Cricket, and a video of the altercation went viral on social media.

While players and umpires intervened to ensure the on-field spat did not escalate, after the match Sreesanth posted a video on Instagram alleging that Gambhir had called him ‘something very rude.”

In the video, Srresanth referred to Gambhir as 'Mr. Fighter' and claimed that Gambhir frequently engages in conflicts with his teammates, lacking respect for senior players.

Sreesanth stated, "I want to clarify something about what happened with Mr. Fighter, who always seems to be in conflicts with his teammates. He doesn't even show respect to his senior players. He used offensive language towards me, which Gautam Gambhir should not have done. Whatever Gambhir did, the truth will come out sooner or later. The language he used on the cricket field is simply not acceptable."

Srresanth also referenced Gautam Gambhir's past conflicts with Virat Kohli, highlighting the importance of respecting colleagues. He expressed disappointment in Gambhir's behavior, both on the cricket field and in broadcasting, where he tends to deflect questions about Virat Kohli. Sreesanth emphasized that he refrained from using any abusive language during their altercation.

It's worth noting that Sreesanth, along with two other players, faced spot-fixing allegations during the 2013 IPL, but the charges were later dropped by a Delhi court.

The recent dispute between Gambhir and Sreesanth unfolded during a Legends League Cricket match's second over when Gambhir scored a four and a six in consecutive deliveries against Sreesanth. The tension escalated after Gambhir's next shot was caught by a fielder, leading to a verbal exchange between the two players.

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