24 Dec 2023

Bhopal: Cold and cough cases on rise amidst concerns about JN1 variant, take these precautions as advised by docs

Bhopal: The incidence of winter flu leading to colds and coughs has been on the rise amidst concerns about emergence of the JN1 Covid variant. This pattern has persisted for the past month, coinciding with the onset of winter, where individuals are more susceptible to developing colds and coughs upon exposure to cold weather. In response to the fears about JN1 Covid variant in the population, medical professionals recommend self-isolation and mask-wearing for protection. Experts anticipate a continued increase in cold and cough cases throughout the winter season.

Docs advise these precautions

Dr. Lokendra Dave, head of the pulmonary medicine department at Gandhi Medical College, emphasizes the importance of precautions for those experiencing winter flu symptoms. He advises individuals to practice self-isolation to prevent the spread of the illness. 

Protective measures, such as avoiding contact with sick individuals, wearing masks in confined spaces, practicing thorough hand hygiene, and staying informed about the local Covid transmission rates, are essential to mitigating the risk. Dr. Dave underscores the infectious nature of pulmonary diseases, necessitating a proactive approach to prevention.

Dr. Rakesh Shrivastava, civil surgeon at JP Hospital, notes that individuals who have received two doses of the Covid vaccine have developed immunity. Despite a surge in cold and cough cases over the past month, primarily attributed to exposure to winter flu, approximately 80 percent of affected individuals are recovering. Standard medications for cold and cough symptoms are being prescribed to manage the cases.

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