5 Dec 2023

Bihar: Girls forbidden from wearing hijab in school in Sheikhpura; administration said this

The recent dispute surrounding the wearing of hijab in a secondary school in Sheikhpura, Bihar, has now been resolved. Just last week, girl students at a government school were prohibited from attending classes with hijab attire, leading to objections not only from the affected students but also from the local villagers.

The District Magistrate of Shekhpura informed the media that the district administration intervened by engaging with the school headmaster and the local community, successfully calming the controversy. 

J Priyadarshini, the District Magistrate, explained that a few days ago, the school headmaster had issued a directive requiring students to adhere strictly to the school uniform, disregarding religious beliefs and traditions. The intervention of the district administration aimed to emphasize that the primary purpose of a school is education and that unnecessary interference with personal beliefs should be avoided.

According to Priyadarshini, individuals from outside the district, including journalists, were involved in the matter, leading to some inaccurate and incomplete reporting. The district administration clarified that their focus is on improving the educational standards in the area, and efforts are being made to motivate and encourage girls in their studies. 

The Superintendent of Police in Sheikhpura added that the Education Department had investigated the issue, and currently, there is no ongoing dispute regarding the dress code in the school. 

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