23 Dec 2023

Deepak Chaurasia unfolds unique and inspiring story of his life as a TV scribe on his 51st special day

Well known senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia has turned 51 on Saturday. Taking to X (formerly Twitter) Deepak wrote: "Today I have completed 51 autumn, monsoon, spring of my life. Out of these 51 years, I have spent 30 years in journalism and there would hardly be any work in Hindi journalism that I have not done. Those who already know me have been witness to this."

Deepak Chaurasia recently posted a captivating video, providing a vivid account of his journey for newcomers to the television scene. Commencing with the advent of Hindi TV journalism in 1995 in India, Deepak embarked on a journey of exploration. One notable live experiment involved an interview with the Great Khali in the wrestling ring. During this encounter, Great Khali encouraged Deepak to initiate the conversation, but Deepak, in his characteristic style, remarked that he preferred to play with words before diving in.

Once upon a time, roti was priced at a mere 5 paise within the walls of Parliament, and the meals were exceptionally delectable. Deepak Chaurasia played a pivotal role in unveiling this lesser-known aspect of Parliament to viewers.

In conversation with John Abraham, Rakhi Sawant

Deepak Chaurasia interviewed John Abraham while riding on a bike with him. Deepak tells in the video that he had obtained permission from police to ride without helmet and that it is very risky to ride without helmet.

As television journalism expanded, the genre of drama gained immense popularity, and Hindi TV journalism was no exception to this trend. In this scenario, Deepak is observed conducting an interview with Rakhi Sawant, who had risen to fame after her participation in Swayamvar. During the conversation, Deepak remarks that Rakhi has turned her life into a spectacle by showcasing her personal experiences on screen. In response, Rakhi counters, "Who doesn't add a touch of drama to their life?"

Kapil Sharma found himself at a loss for words 

Deepak Chaurasia engaged in an interview with the comedy maestro Kapil Sharma. "You've hosted numerous shows with renowned celebrities such as Akshay and Aishwarya. Did you ever envision yourself sitting here in front of me for the promotion of your film?"

Even Kapil found himself at a loss for words in the face of this clever question. He responded, "It's a pleasure to converse with you, sir."

In the video recounting his eventful and distinctive career on his birthday, Deepak is also observed conversing with the now renowned Bageshwar Dham and other individuals.

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