23 Dec 2023

Karnataka: CM Siddaramaiah said this while announcing to lift Hijab ban, what BJP said?

Karnataka has chosen to revoke the prohibition on girls wearing hijabs in schools and colleges. The previous BJP government had enforced the hijab ban, leading to a legal dispute.

During an event in Mysuru on Friday, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah addressed the hijab issue, stating that he has directed officials to lift the ban.

"We will withdraw the hijab circular. There are no restrictions, and people can dress as they wish," he declared.

In its prior term, the BJP government had barred the wearing of hijabs in educational institutions. Last year, the Department of Primary and Secondary Education issued a circular prohibiting hijabs in schools and pre-university colleges, sparking a major political controversy. 

The BJP government's directive faced legal challenges, with the High Court supporting the ban, emphasizing the importance of school & college uniforms in promoting equality and unity. Despite reaching the Supreme Court, a conclusive decision on the matter remained elusive.

'Such matters should not be politicized for political gains'

Siddaramaiah, addressing the decision to lift the hijab ban, emphasized the personal nature of choices related to clothing, food, and drink.

"I wear a dhoti. Anyone can wear shirt-pants. What's wrong with that? Such matters should not be politicized for political gains," he asserted.

While the Congress had hinted at ending the hijab ban before the elections, this marks the first time the Chief Minister has publicly announced the intention to remove it. In October of the same year, the Karnataka government had permitted wearing hijabs in competitive and recruitment examinations, foreshadowing the possible elimination of the ban in educational institutions.


BJP reacted strongly

The BJP reacted strongly to the announcement, opposing it on social media and accusing the Chief Minister of sowing discord in a peaceful society. The party contended that uniforms ensure equality among students, accusing Siddaramaiah of attempting to divide the populace for political gain.

"Siddaramaiah is making decisions for vote bank politics. However, the public will hold him accountable in the future," the party asserted.

Karnataka's BJP chief, Vijayendra Yediyurappa, slammed the Chief Minister, accusing him of "encouraging the division of young minds along religious lines."

Speaking on X, Vijayendra expressed his apprehension, stating, "The decision by CM Siddaramaiah to lift the hijab ban in educational institutions raises concerns about the secular nature of our educational spaces."

He said further, "In permitting religious attire within educational institutions, the Siddaramaiah government is fostering the division of young minds along religious lines, potentially impeding the creation of an inclusive learning environment." 

"It is essential to prioritize education over divisive practices and cultivate an atmosphere where students can concentrate on academics without the influence of religious practices," emphasized the state BJP president in his statement on X.

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