23 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Cheetah Safari taking shape in expansive woodlands of Sheopur's Kuno National Park

Sheopur: Tourists will now be able to see cheetahs in Kuno. Cheetah Safari is taking shape in expansive woodlands of Kuno Kuno National Park in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh.

The eagerly awaited moment to see cheetahs in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh, has finally arrived. The Kuno management has initiated the release of cheetahs from the expansive enclosure into the open forest. Tourists can now observe these magnificent creatures. Extensive planning is underway to promote the Cheetah Project in Kuno, with concerted efforts to boost tourism.

The release process, which began with the introduction of two male cheetahs, Agni and Vayu,  continued into the third day. Following the successful release of female cheetah Veera on Wednesday, Kuno management released male cheetah Pawan into the open forest on Thursday evening.

Cheetahs will roam in open forest 

The cheetahs will freely roam in the open forest according to the directives of the steering committee. Cheetah Pawan, following the protocol, has been released in the Nayagaon Forest Range. Agni and Vayu were released in the Parond Forest Range of the Ahera Tourism Zone, while female cheetahs Veera and Pawan have been released in the Nayagaon Forest Range of the Pipalbawdi Tourism Zone to provide tourists entering from this zone an opportunity to observe these incredible creatures.


Released cheetahs in excellent health

With the successful release of Cheetah Pawan on Thursday evening, all four cheetahs released into the open forest are reported to be in excellent health. Uttam Kumar Sharma, Chief Forest Conservator of Tiger Project, confirmed their fitness and assured that the remaining cheetahs would also be released from the enclosure into the open forest in a phased manner.

Remaining 10 cheetahs and one cub still housed in enclosure

Presently, Kuno National Park is home to 14 adult cheetahs and one cub. Among them, 7 male cheetahs (Gaurav, Shaurya, Vayu, Agni, Pawan, Prabhash, and Pavak) and 7 female cheetahs (Asha, Gamini, Nabha, Dheera, Jwala, Nirva, and Veera) are accounted for. The released cheetahs, including Vayu, Agni, Pawan, and Veera, are in good health, while the remaining 10 cheetahs and one cub are still housed in the enclosure.

After the unfortunate deaths of some cheetahs between July 15 and August 13, the Kuno Park management implemented quarantine measures, conducting health tests and stringent monitoring. With the commencement of the release process, it is anticipated that all cheetahs will be visible in the open before the New Year, captivating tourists with their remarkable speed.

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