7 Dec 2023

Doree: Why Sudhaa Chandran treated Mahi Bhanushali to a homemade cake?

Garnering a lot of love from the viewers, COLORS’ ‘Doree’ traces the tale of Ganga Prasad’s six-year-old resilient daughter Doree and sheds light on girl child abandonment.

Set in Varanasi, the thought-provoking drama revolves around Doree battling the regressive mindset of Kailashi Devi Thakur, a matriarch of the Thakur household who owns the biggest handloom empire in Varanasi. 


Starring Sudhaa Chandran as Kailashi Devi Thakur, Amar Upadhyay as Ganga Prasad, and Mahi Bhanushali as Doree, the show depicts the clash of regressive and progressive mindsets.
Onscreen there are differences between Sudhaa and Mahi, But in real life, the two share a great bond. Having noticed Mahi’s sweet tooth, Sudhaa surprised her adorable co-actor with a delicious homemade cake. 


Mahi Bhanushali says, “I thank the viewers for watching Doree and appreciating my work. Everyone on the set pampers me a lot.  My favourite among them is Sudhaa ma’am. She knew that I eat home-cooked meals only and that’s why she baked a cake for me. I am learning a lot from Sudhaa ma’am, and I hope I can be like her and make everyone feel special.”

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