23 Dec 2023

Drone Attack on Israel-Affiliated Ship With 20 Indian Crew members on board Sparks Emergency Response in Indian Ocean

In a dramatic turn of events, a merchant vessel with reported ties to Israel, MV Chem Pluto, faced a suspected drone attack in the Indian Ocean. The ship, carrying crude oil from Saudi Arabia to Mangalore, caught fire 217 nautical miles off the Porbandar coast in the Arabian Sea on Saturday.

Swift Response by Indian Forces

The Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard swiftly mobilized vessels, including the Indian Coast Guard Ship ICGS Vikram, which was on patrol in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone. The distressed vessel's situation prompted a coordinated effort to ensure the safety of the approximately 20 Indian crew members on board.

All crew members safe

Defence officials confirmed that all crew members are safe, and the fire on MV Chem Pluto has been extinguished. However, the incident has impacted the vessel's functionality. The Indian Navy warships in the vicinity are also en route to provide assistance and ensure the well-being of the crew.

International Alert

In response to the emergency, ICGS Vikram has issued alerts to all ships in the area, urging them to provide assistance. The nature and origin of the suspected drone attack on the Israel-affiliated vessel raise concerns about maritime security in the region.

As the situation unfolds, further details about the incident, including the extent of damage and the investigation into the drone attack, are eagerly awaited. The incident underscores the challenges posed by evolving threats to maritime security in key strategic regions.

Ship last contacted Saudi Arabia

The fire has affected the working capacity of the ship. At present, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. The ship  last contacted Saudi Arabia.

Houthi rebels hijacked a cargo ship coming to India

About a month before this, Houthi rebels had hijacked a cargo ship Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea. This ship was coming to India from Turkey. Houthi rebels had hijacked it, mistaking it for an Israeli ship.

Before the incident, the Houthi group had warned of attacks on Israeli ships. A spokesperson for the Houthi rebels said that all ships sailing on behalf of Israel would be targeted.

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