14 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: How will Mohan Yadav carve a niche for himself among party's seasoned leaders?

Mohan Yadav has assumed the role of chief minister of the Madhya Pradesh amidst the anticipation of Lok Sabha elections-2024 in three months.

The substantial majority unexpectedly secured by the BJP has set an ambitious goal: winning all 29 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This places Yadav in the midst of political and economic challenges. Politically, he must carve a niche for himself among the party's seasoned leaders.

Notable figures like former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, former Union minister Narendra Singh Tomar, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Prahlad Patel, and Gopal Bhargava, all senior to Yadav, pose a challenge. To establish his position, Yadav must engage with these senior leaders during state tours, seeking acceptance within the party.

Managing a government with a sweeping mandate is as intricate as leading a minority government. Satisfying the diverse interests within a party enjoying a massive mandate is a formidable task. Yadav's challenge lies in ensuring satisfaction across the board.

Upon his appointment, Yadav initiated meetings with all senior party leaders, embarking on efforts to address this challenge.

Financial management is another pressing concern. The government is obligated to fulfill the pre-election promises made by the BJP. Various communities expect the government to deliver on commitments made for their welfare.

Apart from the Ladli Bahna Yojna's promise of transferring Rs 1,250 to every woman's account, the state faces financial commitments such as providing LPG cylinders for Rs 450. The party also pledged support to government employees, farmers, and others. Meeting these promises adds pressure on the government. Simultaneously, the Chief Minister must innovate to maintain public and party leader support.

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