14 Dec 2023

Who are protesters held for Parliament security breach? What their families told about them?

Intelligence Bureau officials are questioning four individuals apprehended for breaching Parliament's security. On Wednesday during zero hour, two individuals, namely Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan, leaped down from the auditorium. Sagar Sharma, a Mysuru resident pursuing engineering in Bengaluru, and the other person from Mysuru are currently under investigation.

Referring to Sagar Sharma, an official stated, "We are gathering information about his background." A team comprising IB and local police has visited the suspects' residences to gather more details.

Manoranjan's father expressed shock and confusion about his son's behavior

Manoranjan, who jumped from the audience gallery to the Lok Sabha floor, hails from Mysuru. His father, Devaraju Gowda, strongly condemned his actions, emphasizing their agricultural background and Manoranjan's engineering education. Gowda expressed shock and confusion about his son's behavior.

He said that if his son has done anything wrong then hang him. Manoranjan is a resident of Vijayanagar area of Mysuru.

Father Devraj said that Manoranjan had completed his BE studies. It was HD Deve Gowda who gave BE seat to my son. He used to go back and forth between Delhi and Bangalore. He did not know that his son would do such a thing. He said that I am not associated with any party. I don't know why my son did this. 

He said that Manoranjan used to do farming on his land in his village located in Hassan district.

Gowda said, "Parliament House is ours. Whatever has happened deserves strong condemnation. You can protest outside Parliament but you cannot do this."

Devaraju Gowda said, "Manoranjan is a good son. We have given him good training. We have given him values. What he has done today, why did he do it, I don't know."

Gowda said further, "He has read Vivekananda a lot. He only wanted to do good for the society, for the underprivileged. You can ask this to anyone in our neighborhood. No one will say a single bad thing about him."

After studying engineering, Manoranjan did not work under anyone. He reared chickens, sheep and fish.

The father told that Manoranjan used to go to Delhi but never told what he did there.

An ACP rank officer of Karnataka Police had gone to his house to talk to the family. His father also showed Manoranjan's books to the journalists.

Neelam's mother attributed her distress to unemployment

Separately, Neelam, arrested for emitting colored smoke outside Parliament, is being interrogated by security agencies. Neelam's family in Jind, Haryana, claimed ignorance about her trip to Delhi. Her mother attributed Neelam's distress to unemployment, revealing that Neelam had not disclosed her Delhi visit.

Neelam's younger brother said, "We got information about Neelam's arrest from our elder brother. He called us and told us to turn on the TV."

He said, "We did not even know that she had gone to Delhi. We only know that she had gone to Hisar for her studies. She came home the day before yesterday and returned yesterday. She has done BA, MA, B.Ed, M.Ed. , CTET, MPhil and NET qualified. She has raised the issue of unemployment many times. And she also took part in the farmers' movement."

Describing his family background, he said, "We deal in milk etc. and our father is a confectioner."

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