6 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath meets top party leaders in Delhi, will he step down from his role as Congress State President?

Madhya Pradesh Political Update: Following the results of the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections and BJP securing a resounding victory, speculations regarding the political trajectory of Kamal Nath within the Congress and Madhya Pradesh have emerged in the aftermath. 

Over the past two days, there have been discussions in political circles suggesting that Kamal Nath, the PCC Chief, may step down from his role as State President. This speculation could materialize, as Kamal Nath arrived in Delhi Tuesday night for a meeting with the party high command to deliberate on the reasons behind the electoral setback in Madhya Pradesh.

Kamal Nath offered his resignation: Sources

Sources indicate that during the meeting, Kamal Nath voluntarily offered his resignation from the position of PCC Chief. KC Venugopal was present during the discussions, and the high command has reportedly requested him to continue in the role until a new leader is appointed in Madhya Pradesh. 

Kamal Nath, who held the position of state president for an extended period, was a prominent figure for the party in the recent elections, contributing to his decision to resign in the wake of the defeat. Political analysts suggest that Madhya Pradesh may soon witness the appointment of a new PCC Chief.

Nath met Kharge and Rahul in Delhi

In further developments, Kamal Nath met with leaders Kharge and Rahul Gandhi in Delhi. The meeting, attended by Organization General Secretary Venugopal, took place at Kharge's residence at 7:30 pm. Sources reveal that during the discussions, Kamal Nath formally offered his resignation from the post of state president, which the high command accepted while asking him to oversee responsibilities until the appointment of a successor.

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