6 Dec 2023

Can Madhya Pradesh also have Deputy CMs like UP? How BJP will accommodate various aspirants?

Madhya Pradesh Election 2023: Following the Madhya Pradesh Assembly election-2023 results, speculations about the potential Chief Ministerial candidate have intensified. Key political figures from the state have reached the national capital, Delhi. 

Bid to accommodate various aspirants 

Sources suggest that the party is expected to clarify its stance on this matter soon. Given the numerous contenders vying for the position of Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh, discussions have emerged regarding the possibility of appointing one or two Deputy Chief Ministers. This approach aims to accommodate the various aspirants rather than selecting a single Chief Minister, and the final decision rests with the BJP's high command.

The participation of Union Ministers and Members of Parliament in the Madhya Pradesh elections has led to a multitude of candidates eyeing the Chief Minister's post. Besides Shivraj Singh Chouhan, figures like Prahlad Patel, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Jyotiraditya Scindia, and Narendra Singh Tomar are considered contenders. 

To manage this complexity, the party is contemplating a Deputy Chief Ministerial formula in Madhya Pradesh, similar to the structure adopted in Uttar Pradesh. The consideration stems from the fact that many influential leaders within the state harbor aspirations for the Chief Minister's role.

Gopal Bhargava could be assigned significant responsibilities

Rumors surfaced regarding Gopal Bhargava's visit to Delhi, triggering political discussions. Reports suggested that he engaged in an hour-long closed-door meeting with Amit Shah. Speculations abound, with some suggesting that Gopal Bhargava might be assigned significant responsibilities, possibly as Deputy Chief Minister. Gopal Bhargava, a nine-time elected representative in Madhya Pradesh, has a noteworthy political track record and has previously held ministerial positions.

If the decision is made to appoint a Deputy Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh, Gopal Bhargava's name is prominently mentioned. Narottam Mishra is another contender, despite losing the election in Datia. Political circles speculate that arrangements may be made for him through a by-election by vacating a reserved seat. 

Additionally, there is mention of Sanwer MLA Tulsi Silawat from the Scindia faction and the State President VD Sharma being considered for key positions.

The last instance of a Deputy Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh occurred during the Congress government, with Subhash Yadav assuming the role in 1993. In the 2023 elections, Subhash Yadav's son, Sachin Yadav, won from the Kasrawad assembly seat, previously held by his father, and became an MLA. The dynamics surrounding the appointment of a Deputy Chief Minister add intrigue to the unfolding political landscape in Madhya Pradesh.

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