22 Dec 2023

PM Modi's victory mantra to Madhya Pradesh MPs, this is how BJP will win all 29 seats of state in Lok Sabha elections 2024

Following triumphant victories in the assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, the BJP is riding high on enthusiasm. The party is now actively gearing up for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated a campaign of success, delivering motivational guidance to BJP MPs and conducting training sessions in Delhi to ensure thorough preparedness. 

An ostensibly casual dinner at MP Bhawan in New Delhi for Madhya Pradesh MPs turned out to be a strategic meeting led by central BJP officials to address Madhya Pradesh-specific issues and provide essential instructions for the impending Lok Sabha elections.

During the meeting at MP Bhawan, BJP's National Joint Organization General Secretary Shiv Prakash, Madhya Pradesh State Organization General Secretary Hitanand Sharma, and senior officials engaged in discussions with all 28 sitting MPs from Madhya Pradesh. 

The gathering also included Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav, Deputy CMs Rajendra Shukla and Jagdish Deora. Special emphasis was placed on the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections, and specific instructions were issued to MPs.

MPs assigned task of organizing camps 

In a conversation during the meeting, Gwalior MP Vivek Narayan Shejwalkar revealed that he had received directives from PM Modi, signaling the commencement of BJP's mission-mode preparations for the Lok Sabha elections. MPs were assigned the task of organizing camps in every booth area of their parliamentary constituencies to promote the beneficial schemes of the Central Government.

All MPs to undertake PM Modi's Sankalp Yatra 

MP Vivek Shejwalkar disclosed that, starting from the upcoming Saturday, all MPs were instructed to undertake PM Modi's Sankalp Yatra in their parliamentary constituencies, with the MPs leading the procession themselves. 

The Sankalp Yatra is planned to traverse all assembly constituencies. Following the yatra, MPs are mandated to organize camps at booth levels, focusing on distributing Ayushman cards, providing affordable food grains, extending the benefits of farmer-related schemes, and facilitating schemes for women. 

The objective is not only to ensure eligible beneficiaries receive their entitlements but also to include those who may have been overlooked and elucidate PM Narendra Modi's guarantee to the people.

Indore MP Shankar Lalwani emphasized that specific targets were allocated to all MPs during the meeting at MP Bhawan in Delhi. The collective goal is to secure victory in all 29 seats of Madhya Pradesh. 

BJP to focus on securing Chhindwara seat

Acknowledging the significance of the Chhindwara seat, previously won by Kamal Nath's son Nakul Nath in the last Lok Sabha elections, the BJP aims to focus more intently on securing the Chhindwara seat this time. Deputy CM Jagdish Deora echoed similar sentiments during the meeting.

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