27 Dec 2023

Rahul Gandhi Visits Akhara in Haryana; Engages with Bajrang Punia, Other Wrestlers, Tries His hand at Wrestling and Exercise

On Wednesday morning, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited the "Virender Akhara" in Chhara village, located in Haryana's Jhajjar district. During his visit, he had the opportunity to meet with a group of wrestlers, including Bajrang Punia, as confirmed by a senior Haryana Congress leader from the district.

Gandhi engaged with the wrestlers, observing their training routine and even participating in some wrestling activities. Bajrang Punia, after the meeting, mentioned that Gandhi came to witness their day-to-day wrestling practices, emphasizing his interest in understanding the activities of wrestlers.

After the meeting, Punia said, "He came to watch our routine and also tried his hand at wrestling and exercise."

After the meeting, a wrestler said, “Like every day, we had come to practice today and we had no idea that he was going to come. He reached here around 6:15 in the morning. He exercised with us and then he told us about his exercises and sports.”

On Congress MP Rahul Gandhi's visit, Wrestling Coach Virendra Arya said, "He has a lot of knowledge about sports...Nationals will take place but what would be done with this issue at hand?... What could he (Rahul Gandhi) do, only the government can do something," he added.

In a video, Arya mentioned, "He participated in our exercises and shared insights about his own fitness routine and sports knowledge. While the Nationals are approaching, there are pressing issues to address... However, resolving this matter is in the hands of the government, not something Rahul Gandhi can directly influence."

Rahul Gandhi's presence at the Akhara comes after his sister, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, visited the home of Olympian Sakshi Malik. This visit took place shortly after Malik decided to step away from the sport following the controversial elections of the Wrestling Federation.

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