21 Dec 2023

Rajasthan: What will be future role of Sachin Pilot? Ex-Deputy CM said this

Numerous speculations are circulating regarding the future role of Sachin Pilot, the Tonk MLA and former Deputy CM of Rajasthan. There are discussions about him potentially assuming the position of the leader of the opposition in the state assembly or being reinstated as the PCC chief. While a final decision remains pending, Sachin Pilot, during his visit to express gratitude to his assembly constituency's voters, has clarified his stance on the matter.

Will play a robust opposition role

He asserted that irrespective of being inside or outside the House, he is committed to holding the new government accountable and playing a robust opposition role. During a recent meeting in Ghans village within his assembly constituency, Pilot highlighted the pre-election promises made by prominent BJP leaders who visited Rajasthan from Delhi. He expressed the intent to press them to fulfill those commitments.

Pilot couldn't conceal his disappointment 

Pilot remarked, "The new government is yet to form its cabinet, but we will spare no effort in ensuring accountability. Despite being in the opposition, we will remain strong, considering our substantial victory this time with a majority of seventy seats." 

In a candid moment, he couldn't conceal his disappointment over Congress's defeat, expressing frustration about the party's consistent efforts and hard work ending in defeat every five years. Despite high hopes for victory this time, the outcome was an unexpected loss.

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