19 Dec 2023

Raveena Tandon tells how she feels on being known as Rasha Thadani's mother.

Renowned Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon recently shared a touching note, expressing the joy and pride she feels when recognized as Rasha Thadani's mother. In the heartfelt message, Raveena reflects on the profound sentiment of being associated with her daughter and encourages Rasha to pursue her passions and dreams.

The actress goes on to express her pride in being acknowledged as "Rasha's MOM." Drawing from her father's experience, she shares how he expressed immense pride in being recognized as Raveena's father. This sentiment serves as a poignant backdrop to the joy Raveena now experiences as she, too, is identified by her daughter's name.

Acknowledging that Rasha has a journey ahead to carve her own path and prove herself, Raveena extends her heartfelt wishes for her daughter's success. 


Raveena said  "Every parent feels a sense of pride when they are known by their children's name. My dad always said that from Ravi Tandon he felt pride to be known as Raveena's father, and now I feel a sense of pride to be called as Rasha's MOM."


Raveena said Rasha still has a long way to go and to prove herself, hope she gets a chance to follow her passion and live her dream, and win your hearts for which I'm sure she will work hard but till then thank you @filmygyan for the kindness you bestow on her.


Raveena Tandon's family


Raveena Tandon is married to to Anil Thadani and together, they are blessed with two kids, Rasha Thadani and Ranbirvardhan Thadani. Apart from that, Raveena also adopted two beautiful daughters, Chhaya Tandon and Pooja Tandon, at the mere age of 21. Rasha has graduated from the prestigious school, Dhirubhai Ambani International School. 

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