29 Dec 2023

Voting today to select idol of Lord Ram Lalla for grand Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

Ayodhya is set for a significant milestone today as the voting to select the idol of Lord Ram Lalla for the grand Ram Janmabhoomi Temple is scheduled. This decision holds immense importance in the ongoing construction and consecration process of the temple, set to take place on January 22. Three distinct designs crafted by separate sculptors will be presented.

The voting will take place during a meeting of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, the trust responsible for overseeing the temple's construction and management. Three distinct designs, created by different sculptors, will be presented, and the idol with the highest number of votes will be placed inside the sanctum sanctorum during the consecration ceremony.

Champat Rai, the trust secretary, disclosed on Wednesday that a 51-inch-tall idol of Lord Ram, depicting a five-year-old Ram Lalla, will be chosen from the three designs. "The one displaying the utmost divineness and a childlike appearance will be the chosen one," he emphasized.

Construction is advancing with a focus on quality

With the consecration ceremony drawing near, Nripendra Misra, the chairman of the Shri Ram Mandir Construction Committee, conducted an inspection of the ongoing work on the Ram Janmabhoomi Path and the temple complex. Mr. Misra assured that the construction is advancing with a focus on quality rather than speed, following a three-phase plan to complete the entire project.

The seven-day consecration ceremony is set to commence on January 16 with an atonement ceremony led by the appointed host from the temple trust. Notable events during the ceremony include a procession carrying the child-like idol of Lord Ram, ritualistic baths, worship, and fire rituals.

On January 22, after a morning puja, the afternoon ceremony will witness the idol finding its permanent abode under the auspicious 'Mrigashira Nakshatra'.

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