6 Jan 2024

26 girls missing from NGO hostel in Bhopal recovered; 3 suspended including project officer

All 26 girls, reported missing from an unauthorized girls' home in Bhopal, have been successfully located and recovered by the police administration. Taking immediate action upon recognizing the severity of the situation, the police team recovered the girls from Bhopal and its surrounding areas.

Three individuals, including the project officer of the Women and Child Development Department, have faced suspension. Additionally, two others have been issued show cause notices due to their negligence in permitting the operation of the hostel without proper authorization.

The hostel, named Aanchal, located in the deserted area of Parvalia, Bhopal, is registered to accommodate a total of 68 girls. During an inspection by the Chairperson and members of the State Child Protection Commission, only 41 out of the 68 registered girls were present at the facility.

Responding to a complaint, Parvalia police filed an FIR against the hostel operator and officials. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has also taken note of the incident, requesting an investigation report from Chief Secretary Veera Rana within seven days.

Former CM Shivraj expressed concern 

Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressed concern on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), demanding swift action in the matter. Subsequently, the SP, Collector conducted an investigation upon reaching the hostel, which was found locked at the time. Following thorough inquiry, the police administration team obtained information leading to the discovery of the missing girls.

As a result of the investigation, Komal Upadhyay and Manjusha Raj, Project Officer and Supervisor of the Women and Child Development Department, have been suspended. Brijendra Pratap Singh, the project officer of the Women and Child Development Department in Ganjbasoda, who previously held the same position in Bhopal, has also faced suspension.

Furthermore, a show cause notice has been issued to Bhopal District Program Officer Sunil Kumar Solanki and Assistant Director Integrated Child Protection Scheme Ram Gopal Yadav, requiring their response within three days.

National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) chief Priyank Kanoongo has written to the Madhya Pradesh Chief Secretary regarding the matter

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