19 Jan 2024

Actress Nayanthara spoke for first time on controversy regarding Annapoorni

After the controversy surrounding the film Annapurni and its removal from Netflix, the film's actress Nayanthara has reacted to the film and people's objections.

She said that through the film Annapoorni, we wanted to give a positive message to the people, this film was made to inspire people and it was not our intention to hurt anyone's sentiments.

On Thursday, she wrote on Instagram: “We were making an honest attempt to give a positive message, which inadvertently hurt people's sentiments. We did not expect that a film which has been passed by the censor board and has been released in theaters would be removed from OTT.”

“I and my team do not want to hurt anyone's sentiments and we realize the seriousness of the matter. I myself believe in God and go to the temple often, so I cannot even think of hurting people's sentiments. I apologize to anyone who has been hurt by our film.”

Nayanthara is in the lead role in the Tamil film 'Annapoorni: The Goddess of Food'. The film is the story of a girl from an orthodox Hindu Brahmin family who dreams of becoming a chef while facing difficulties.

In her post, Nayanthara said, "In our sincere attempt to share a positive message, we may have inadvertently caused hurt. We did not expect the removal of a censored film, previously showcased in theatres, from the OTT platform. My team and I never intended to hurt anyone's sentiments and we understand that the gravity of this issue."

The actress wrote further, "Being someone who wholely believes in God and frequently visits temples accross the country, it is the last thing I would intentionally do. To those whose feelings we've touched, I extend my sincere and heartfelt apologies."

This film was released in theaters on 1 December and it was released on Netflix on 29 December. But as soon as it came on OTT, controversy started regarding it.

An FIR was registered against this film and then it was removed from Netflix.

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