20 Jan 2024

Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Huge demand for gold, silver idols of Lord Ram

The celebrations taking place in Ayodhya are giving a boost to the business of jewelers and gold and silver traders.

Ahead of Ayodhya Ram Mandir ceremony, some retail jewelers in Ayodhya say that the demand for gold and gold-plated idols and temples of Lord Ram is so much that their stock has been exhausted. They told that some items had to be imported from Thailand.

Demand has soared not only in Ayodhya but also in other cities. Baldev Singh, manager of HS Jewelers in Lucknow, said, "Customers are demanding such idols for gifting and keeping in homes. But there is still a waiting period of two months."

Before the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, there is a huge demand for things related to Lord Ram. The demand for gold and silver Ram temple and gold and silver idols including Lord Ram's marked coins and Ram Darbar has increased in Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar.

Almost every customer going to the bullion market wants to bring Shri Ram to his home in some form or the other, due to which the traders are very excited.

Silver coins are in highest demand

Silver coins are in highest demand in the bullion market. These coins have a model of Ram Darbar on one side and Shri Ram Temple on the other side. There is a lot of demand for silver Shri Ram temples, idols and pandals in the name of Shri Ram. The demand for silver temples in the market has increased so much that it has become difficult to get temple models in big showrooms.

Everyone wants to buy something in the name of Ram. If the bullion traders of Mumbai, the country's largest bullion market, are to be believed, then for the last one month almost every customer coming to the shop is definitely buying some jewelery in the name of Ram. In which silver coins are in highest demand.

Kumar Jain of Mumbai Jewelers Association says that there is enthusiasm among the people regarding Shri Ram Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya. Almost every customer coming to the shop is buying a silver coin. On one side of these silver coins, there is a model of Ram Darbar and on the other side there is a model of Shri Ram temple being built in Ayodhya.

Jain says that in fact these coins are cheaper than other jewelery due to which people are definitely buying the coins. People are currently purchasing coins to give as gifts. A 10 gram silver coin decorated with Ram Darbar and temple model is available for Rs 750. Apart from this, coins of five grams and 20 grams have also been prepared.

There is a lot of demand for Shri Ram temple made of silver in the market. Businessmen had also made preparations for this, but due to higher demand than expected, it has become difficult to get the silver Ram Mandir model in the market.


No space in parking space for private jets

There is now no space in the parking space for private jets at the airports near Ayodhya. The stock of gold plated idols has also run out in the shops here.

Devotees are busy preparing for the ceremony related to the consecration of the idol of Lord Ram.

'Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Asia's richest man Mukesh Ambani will be among the more than eight thousand people present at the inauguration ceremony of Ram Temple on Monday.

Officials believe that at least 100 private planes will land here on January 22. Due to which the aircraft parking space here will be completely filled. Parking slots are also full in Varanasi, a city located four hours away from here. Parking lots will also be found full in Gorakhpur airport. Gorakhpur is three hours away from here.

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