2 Jan 2024

Bhopal: Drivers' Strike Forces Closure of Many Private Schools

Numerous private schools in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, have opted to declare a holiday in response to an ongoing strike by drivers, affecting daily operations. The strike, initiated by commercial vehicle drivers, commenced with the suspension of truck and bus services, subsequently extending to taxis and auto-rickshaws. The situation is anticipated to intensify, leading to a comprehensive standstill in Bhopal, prompting private schools to announce closures due to the unavailability of school buses.

Carmel to close for 2 days and IES for 1 day

Carmel Convent School, situated in the BHEL area, has conveyed a message to parents, notifying them of a two-day closure on January 2 and 3 due to the bus drivers' strike. Simultaneously, IES Public School has confirmed a one-day holiday on Tuesday. Manisha Kavthekar, the Group Director of IES Public School, affirmed this decision. St. Paul School in Anand Nagar is also closed on Tuesday.

LNCT School  holiday on January 2

The Principal of LNCT School, Chetanya Srivastava, cited transportation challenges as the reason for declaring a holiday on January 2. Parents have been informed to prevent inconvenience for children traveling to school. The decision for January 3 will be made on Tuesday, contingent upon the resolution of the ongoing problem.

DPS Shifts to Online Classes Amid Driver Strike

In response to the bus driver strike, Delhi Public School has shifted its classes online starting January 2, ensuring continuity in education despite the disruption caused by the strike.

Mount Carmel School Relies on Parental Cooperation

Mount Carmel School's management, amidst ongoing annual functions, has communicated with parents, requesting their cooperation in transporting their children to and from school to mitigate any inconveniences caused by the driver strike.

St. Joseph's School 

St. Joseph's School spokesperson, Vasundhara Sharma, clarified that the school remains open with no declared holidays. The children who come to school come by buses run by private bus operators. Operators have been told to solve this problem themselves.

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