1 Jan 2024

Madhya Pradesh transporters strike: Long queues seen at petrol pumps in Bhopal, Indore, other dists, people face hardship

Madhya Pradesh News: After the new law regarding hit and run in Madhya Pradesh, there is an outcry in the entire state as transporters have went on strike. Truck and bus drivers from Bhopal to Indore and from Jabalpur to Dewas went on strike, due to which everything came to a halt. 

Meanwhile, news came that there would be a shortage of petrol due to the stopping of wheels of trucks and tankers. After this, there was an uproar, people ran towards the petrol pumps and within no time a huge crowd gathered at the petrol pumps. Due to the strike by drivers, the plying of buses and trucks has come to a halt, which is having a direct impact on transportation.

Long queues of vehicles formed at almost all the petrol pump centers in Indore and Bhopal. It is being told that the ongoing strike by the vehicle drivers will continue for three days, in which the drivers of tankers transporting petrol and diesel are also participating.  People  ran to fill the tanks of their vehicles as they feared the fuel will not be able to reach the petrol pumps.

As soon as this news spread, there was a huge crowd of people seen at the petrol pumps in almost all the cities of the state. If the petrol pump owners are to be believed, they will also close the fuel centers as soon as they run out of diesel and petrol. However, during this period, many people have had to stand in queues at petrol pumps for hours to get petrol filled, due to which their work is also being affected.

It's clear from the images emerging from the fueling station that things are spiralling out of control. People said the government should provide alternative facilities for this so that there is no crowd at the petrol pump.

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