9 Jan 2024

First gold door installed in Ram Mandir, 13 more gold doors to be installed in 3 days (See Pic)

The work of Ram temple in Ayodhya is almost nearing completion. Meanwhile, Gold Doors of Ram Mandir are going to be installed in the under construction Ram temple. Their first photo has come out. The gold doors installed in Ram temple are very beautiful to look at. This golden door is the main entrance to the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ram.

Features of the door

This first door installed in Ram temple is made of 100 kg gold layer. In the picture of this first door, it is seen that in the middle panel of this door there is a picture of two elephants, which are seen in welcome posture. Whereas in the upper part of the door, there is a palace-like figure, in which two servants are standing with folded hands. At the bottom of the door, there are four squares with beautiful artworks.

13 more doors will be installed

13 more such golden doors are going to be installed. This work can be completed within three days only. While the worship of the main doors of the sanctum sanctorum has been completed, work is in progress on the doors on either side of the sanctum sanctorum. These doors can be seen in the workshop built near the temple construction site. Designs like elephants, lotus, windows on the doors are giving it grandeur.

Hyderabad's 100 year old company Anuradha Timber is preparing the wooden doors of Ram Temple. But, the special thing is that these doors are being made in a temporary workshop in Ayodhya itself. A glimpse of Nagara style construction is clearly visible on the doors. 

Symbols of auspiciousness carved

Shekhar Das, working in the door workshop, said that special care has been taken in the design of the doors to ensure that they reflect grandeur. Besides, symbols which are considered symbols of auspiciousness in Hindu religion have also been engraved on these doors. Artisans from Tamil Nadu are working day and night in Ayodhya for carving wooden doors.

Air connectivity with these cities

More than 8 thousand guests will come from India and abroad for the Pran-Pratishtha program. For this there will be a lot of pressure on Ayodhya airport. Apart from commercial flights, permission has been sought from about 40 chartered planes to land. On the other hand, at present, airport connectivity has started for eight cities at Ayodhya Airport.

These cities include Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata Ahmedabad, Chennai and Goa. At present, companies like IndiGo and Air India Express have started their flights, while Akasa Air will also start its operations from Ayodhya soon.

Silver coating on Ramlala's throne

Prakash Gupta, in-charge of the office of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, had told that there will be 44 doors in the temple of Ramlala, out of which 14 doors will be coated with gold. Not only this, 30 doors will have silver lining. Besides, the throne of Lord Ramlala will also be coated with silver. That is, the throne where Lord Ramlala will sit has been made with a layer of silver.

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