31 Jan 2024

Gyanvapi Mosque case: Court gives Hindu side right to pray in cellar; Hindu side lawyer said this

The Varanasi district court on Wednesday granted the family of a priest the right to worship Hindu deities in the Gyanvapi mosque cellar, Hindu side counsel Madan Mohan Yadav said.

The order was given by district court judge A K Vishvesh.

According to the petition, priest Somnath Vyas used to perform prayers there till 1993 when the cellar was closed by the authorities.

Advocate Yadav said the district administration will make arrangements for performing puja and it will be facilitated by the Kashi Vishwanath Trust.

Shailendra Kumar Pathak, maternal grandson of Somnath Vyas, had sought the right to worship deities there.

Hindu side's lawyer said, "Kashi Vishwanath Trust will decide how the puja will be conducted. It knows better. It was our legal work which we have completed. Now it is up to the Kashi Vishwanath Trust to start the puja. Devotees. Everyone including priests etc. will be allowed to go."

The Hindu side lawyer further said, "I want to say that Justice KM Pandey had ordered opening of the lock of Ram temple on February 1, 1986. I see today's order in comparison to that. This case is the turning point of India. A government, misusing its power, had stopped the worship of the Hindu community. Today the court has rectified it with its pen."

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