31 Jan 2024

Shepherds in Ladakh Assert Land Rights Against Chinese Troops, Defend Grazing Grounds

In a recent incident near the Ladakh-China border, Indian shepherds confronted Chinese soldiers who attempted to block them from grazing their sheep in the region. Despite the tension, the shepherds firmly asserted that the land in question belonged to India.

Shepherds demanded Chinese soldiers to vacate the area

This encounter marks the first time since the 2020 Galwan conflict that local herders have brought their cattle to graze in the area. Following the Galwan dispute, they had refrained from entering the region. The shepherds, capturing the encounter on video, demanded the Chinese soldiers vacate the area they claimed as their own.

Konchok Stanzin commended the locals for their courage

Konchok Stanzin, a councilor from Chushul in eastern Ladakh, shared the video on social media, commending the locals for their courage in facing the Chinese army. Stanzin emphasized that the area being restricted by the Chinese forces was essential grazing land for nomads in the region.

Stanzin expressed gratitude to Indian Army

Expressing gratitude to the Indian Army, Stanzin highlighted the positive impact of the Fire Fury Corps in Eastern Ladakh. He acknowledged the military's role in assisting herders and nomads in securing rights to pastureland near the northern bank of Pangong Lake, fostering strong military-civilian relations, and safeguarding the interests of border-area residents.

Galwan conflict

In 2020, China had deployed troops in the border areas of Eastern Ladakh on the pretext of exercise. After this, Chinese soldiers infiltrated at many places in this area. In response to this, the Indian Army had also deployed a large number of Chinese soldiers in this area.

The situation escalated as Chinese soldiers infiltrated various areas, prompting a substantial Indian Army response. The conflict resulted in the first exchange of gunfire on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in over four decades and led to the tragic loss of 20 Indian soldiers in a clash with the Chinese army in Galwan Valley on June 15, 2020.

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