18 Jan 2024

Indore: 18-year-old student, school bus driver succumb to silent heart attack sending shockwaves through community

The death of a student preparing for MPPSC in Bhanwarkuan, Indore was captured on camera and has sent shock waves in city. While engrossed in his studies in the classroom, the 18-year-old student belonging to Sagar suddenly experienced chest pain, causing a stir among his fellow students. Eighteen-year-old Raja fell onto the bench and tragically never regained consciousness.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that he used to take protein diet. Before coming to coaching, he also went to the gym regularly. The hair on his head was receding and he was also undergoing treatment for this. According to Dr. Bharat Vajpayee, who conducted the post-mortem, symptoms of cardiac arrest have been found in the short PM report.

Another case of silent heart attack was reported in Indore on the same day. A school bus driver died of silent attack but he showed presence of mind and stopped the bus on one side of road and thus saved the life of school children.

In the first incident, student Raja's friends rushed him to the hospital, but their efforts were in vain. Reports indicate that the cause of death was attributed to a silent heart attack, marking the fourth such case in Indore. Following this heart-wrenching incident, anxiety surrounding silent heart attacks has surged within the community.

Footage from the student's coaching center has emerged through CCTV, and the police have conducted a post-mortem examination at the district hospital. Authorities state that the precise cause of death will only be determined after the release of the post-mortem report.

During the coaching session, when Raja experienced the attack, he was seated with folded hands, surrounded by approximately 50 students. Despite the presence of others, Raja lost his balance and collapsed onto the bench.

Driver got silent attack while driving school bus

A driver suddenly had a silent attack while driving a bus.

Driver Dwarika Prasad died of heart attack. The deceased used to drive the Kasera Bazar school bus. This is second death due to silent attack in Indore in a day.

Chhatripura police has sent the body for autopsy. It is being told that he had a silent attack. He showed presence of mind and stopped the school bus full of children on the side of the road. A major accident was averted and the lives of the children were saved.

Silent heart attacks, also known as silent ischemia, manifest without visible symptoms initially. Unlike typical heart attacks that exhibit symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, and sweating, silent heart attacks may occur without immediate indicators. It's crucial to note that a heart attack transpires when the heart receives an insufficient supply of oxygen.

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