18 Jan 2024

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Uttar Pradesh: Is Mayawati helping BJP by contesting elections alone? Is BSP BJP's B Team?

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Mayawati has reiterated her old stand of contesting alone in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Although she has not ruled out a post-poll alliance, for now her party will contest the Lok Sabha elections alone. It is being said in political circles that BSP is helping BJP by contesting the elections alone. Due to this, anti-BJP votes will be divided into two camps.

One camp of voters will go towards Samajwadi Party and Congress Party and the other camp will go towards BSP. BJP will benefit from this.

Most of the parties wanted to form an alliance with BSP but this time it will contest alone. It was being said that some Congress leaders were trying till the last moment to bring BSP into the INDIA alliance. At present, after BSP's announcement of contesting the elections alone, it is once again being accused of being the 'B' team of BJP. 

Blow to efforts of INDIA alliance to jointly challenge BJP 

It is being said that this move has dealt a blow to the efforts of the INDIA alliance to jointly challenge the BJP in the elections in UP. Mayawati has made the contest triangular by announcing that she will contest the elections alone.

In 2019, Samajwadi Party and BSP together won 15 Lok Sabha seats. But this time, fighting elections separately may harm to both of them.

Some observers have said that Mayawati's statements and activities in the last two years have definitely been beneficial for BJP.

Many believe that she works at the behest of BJP and Narendra Modi.

Mayawati is helping BJP by fighting alone

Mayawati is helping BJP by fighting alone. She did the same thing in the 2022 assembly elections. Congress votes fell to two percent. It got only one seat. Samajwadi Party also suffered loss and so did BSP.

Whenever there is less unity in the opposition, the ruling party will also benefit from it. This step of Mayawati will clearly prove to be beneficial for BJP.

Mayawati says that her party will contest the elections alone because the votes of BSP are transferred to others but the votes of other parties are not transferred to it.

But in the 2019 Lok Sabha LS elections, BSP had won ten seats, while Samajwadi Party had won five seats. BSP had fought the 2014 elections alone and could not win even a single seat.

Therefore, it is wrong to say that BSP's votes are transferred and not those of others. If this had not happened, BSP would not have reached to ten seats from zero.

SP had suffered more losses by contesting the 2019 elections together

Samajwadi Party had suffered more losses by contesting the 2019 elections together. Therefore, this time Samajwadi Party has put a condition before Congress that SP must be consulted before any party in UP is included in India Alliance.

Mayawati had surprised by fielding 100 Muslim candidates in the 2017 assembly. Political analysts say that through this he tried to polarize Hindu votes in favor of BJP.

Due to such steps to help Mayawati's BJP, voters of non-Jatav Dalits like Dhobi, Pasi, Khatik, Dusadh, Paswan and Noniya castes started looking for their future in other parties.

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