4 Jan 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj Singh Chouhan Names New Residence as 'Mama Ka Ghar'; What BJP and Congress Said?

Bhopal: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has chosen to name his new residence as 'Mama Ka Ghar' ('Mama's House'), sparking discussions and reactions from both the BJP and Congress.

Sharing images of his new abode on social media, Chouhan expressed his commitment to public service, emphasizing that doors of Mama's House would always be open. The announcement has stirred considerable interest.

Chouhan conveyed, "My dear sisters, brothers, and nephews, though the address has changed, 'Mama Ka Ghar' remains synonymous with love and familial bonds. I will maintain my connection with you as a brother and Mama (uncle)."

'Shivraj ji earned affectionate title of Mama, not just in name but in deeds'

Reflecting on the significance of this decision, BJP state spokesperson Pankaj Chaturvedi lauded Chouhan's popularity and dedicated service as the Chief Minister. Chaturvedi stated, "Shivraj ji's rapport with nephews, nieces, and sisters has earned him the affectionate title of Mama, not just in name but in deeds. His commitment to remaining a brother and Mama for life is reflected in his actions. Hence, 'Mama Ka Ghar' is an apt inscription for his residence."

'A bold challenge to Central leadership'

In contrast, Congress state spokesperson Avnish Singh Bundela interpreted Chouhan's choice as a bold challenge to the Central leadership of the BJP. Bundela suggested that by inscribing 'Mama Ka Ghar' outside his residence, Chouhan is overtly asserting his intent to continue his work independently, referencing past internal party disputes over the attribution of the election victory.

Earlier statements by Chouhan, mentioning a higher purpose behind the recent decision to appoint Dr Mohan Yadav as CM, further fuel the speculation surrounding the political dynamics within the BJP.

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