2 Jan 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Vegetable Prices Double In Bhopal, Indore, Other Cities Of State

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The second day of the statewide transporters' strike has resulted in a significant increase in vegetable prices at markets in Bhopal,  Indore and other cities of Madhya Pradesh.

The ripple effect of the strike is evident, with vegetables like cauliflower and cabbage now being sold at Rs 80 per kg on Tuesday—double the original price of Rs 40 per kg . Similarly, brinjal prices have risen to Rs 60 per kg from Rs 40.

Manish Patidar, a vegetable trader from Indore, explained, "The reduced supply on Tuesday due to the ongoing strike has led to a surge in vegetable prices. However, the price hike may not be alarming since the strike is expected to be of short duration."

Harish Gyanchandani, president of the Mandi traders association in Bhopal, stated, "The arrival of vegetables and essential commodities has been severely impacted by the token strike of transporters."

Milk Supply Resumes

The disruption in milk supply on Monday has been resolved, with normal supply resuming on Tuesday morning. In Bhopal, E-rickshaws charged higher fares from commuters, as petrol auto-rickshaw operators supported the transporters' strike until January 3.

RPS Tiwari, CEO of Sanchi Milk, confirmed, "We temporarily halted milk supply on Monday evening, but it has now been resumed in Bhopal and Narmadapuram divisions on Tuesday morning."

Petrol Pumps Experience High Demand

Despite Bhopal Collector Asheesh Singh's assurance of ample supply following a meeting with fuel station owners and tanker drivers, there was a continued rush at petrol pumps across the state capital on Tuesday morning.

Several petrol pumps in Bhopal are now accepting card payments only from four-wheelers while insisting on cash payments from two-wheelers.

Similarly, Indore Collector Ilayaraja T met with tanker drivers and assured sufficient supply of petrol and diesel.

Ajay Singh, president of the Petrol Pump Dealers Association in Bhopal, stated, "Petrol and diesel stocks have been maintained, and distribution has been restored. The heavy rush at petrol pumps is expected to ease out by the afternoon."

Notably, transporters initiated the strike on Monday in protest of the new provisions in hit-and-run cases.

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