2 Jan 2024

Drivers' strike: Prices of fruits, vegetables shoot up, long queues outside petrol pumps

Truck drivers across the country are on strike since Monday over the provisions of the Central Government's new law in hit and run cases. Due to this, movement of essential commodities like petrol, diesel, vegetables is being affected in various states. In many parts of the country the prices of fruits, vegetables and other essential commodities have shot up. 

There are reports of many petrol and diesel pumps going dry in 10 states including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. Long queues of people are being seen here. The supply of fruits, vegetables, milk and agricultural goods is being affected. At many places, the administration is contacting transporters to restore supplies.

All India Transport Congress President Amritlal Madan said, 'The transporters have not announced the strike yet. The decision on this will be taken in the meeting to be held in Delhi on Tuesday. Right now the drivers themselves are leaving the vehicles and getting down. They are not even allowing others to drive.

There are more than 300 petrol pumps in Nagpur. Long queues were seen outside most of them on Tuesday. 

Members of various truck driver associations gathered at Samvidhan Chowk in Nagpur to stage a protest. They have planned to later go to the district collectorate to put forth their demands before the administration.

In Haryana, only one week's petrol and diesel is left in the petrol pumps. Private truck drivers are not filling oil from the refinery located in Panipat and the plant located in Bahadurgarh. Due to this there is shortage of oil in the pumps.

The effect of the truck drivers' strike has started becoming visible in Punjab. Out of 4100 pumps in the state, 30% went dry Monday night itself. There is only one day's oil left at many petrol pumps, which will be sold by Tuesday evening.

Protests continue against the new hit and run law in Rajasthan. Along with the Truck and Trailer Association, private bus operators have also gone on strike in the state.

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