20 Jan 2024

Shoaib Malik marries Pakistani actress, earlier Sania Mirza had given rise to divorce speculations

Amidst speculations about deteriorating relations with Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik has married Pakistani actress Sana Javed.

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik himself has posted pictures of this wedding on his Instagram channel.

Rumours of Malik dating Sana Javed had been doing the rounds for quite a while, before the ex-Pakistan captain fuelled speculations further when he wished the actress on her birthday last year: "Happy Birthday Buddy," along with a picture of the two.

28 year old Sana Javed has appeared in many shows and music videos of Pakistan.

Whereas 42 year old Shoaib Malik has played 287 ODI, 124 T20 and 35 Test matches for Pakistan. He was made the captain of Pakistan team in 2007.

Three days ago, i.e. on Wednesday, Sania Mirza had posted an ambiguous message.

After that, speculations started that maybe her relationship with Shoaib Malik had deteriorated or both of them got divorced.

Sania had written that both marriage and divorce are difficult, you have to choose your difficult option. Sania was married to Shoaib Malik in 2010.

Is this Shoaib Malik's third marriage?

Officially, this marks Malik's second marriage. However, it is worth noting that prior to tying the knot with Sania, Malik was rumored to have wedded Ayesha Siddiqui, a claim the cricketer vehemently denied. The ceremony with Mirza was marred by accusations of Malik already being married. Ayesha, along with her family and sister Maha, brought the matter to national television. According to Malik, the entire episode involving Ayesha was simply a case of fraud.

Their connection began through phone calls in the early 2000s, with Ayesha presenting herself as Shoaib's fan. Although their conversations deepened, Malik revealed that they developed feelings for each other. However, whenever Shoaib attempted to arrange a meeting, Ayesha was unavailable. In 2002, when Malik visited Hyderabad to meet her, Ayesha claimed an urgent trip to Saudi Arabia. Three years later, just a day before the planned meeting between the two families, they were informed that Ayesha had to leave for the USA.

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