21 Jan 2024

Social media reacts to Shoaib Malik's wedding: Sania Mirza's father said this amidst online buzz and comments; is Shoaib's family happy with this marriage?

Following the announcement of the former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik's marriage, there was a wave of surprise as people began scouring the internet for details.

Subsequently, it was revealed by Sania Mirza's father, Imran Mirza, that his daughter had obtained a divorce through 'khula' before Shoaib Malik entered into the new marriage. In Islam, 'khula' refers to a woman voluntarily leaving her husband.

Imran Mirza explained, "Prior to this marriage, my daughter and the 41-year-old former cricketer had undergone divorce through 'khula.'"

A few days earlier, Sania Mirza had shared on social media, "Marriage and divorce are both challenging; you have to make difficult decisions." Alongside a post on Instagram, she wrote, "When something disrupts the peace of your heart, leave it."

Despite these posts hinting at possible issues in their marital relationship, Sania Mirza has not clarified whether her relationship with Shoaib Malik persists.

Many users couldn't believe this news 

It was difficult for many social media users to believe this news because the news of Sana Javed's marriage with singer Umair Jaswal had gone viral but many people did not know when the divorce took place.

One such user, Maria, wrote, “I am very confused right now. I had heard about the divorce of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza but when did the divorce of Sana Javed and Umair Jaswal happen, please help me understand.”

Users have expressed sympathy for Sania 

Social media users have expressed sympathy for Sania Mirza and raised doubts about Shoaib's loyalty. Some lamented the alleged breakup, with comments expressing sadness and disappointment.

A user Nayaab Khalid wrote, “Staying loyal to someone for a long time is a personal decision, but changing your partner after many years is difficult to accept in our society.”

Instagram user Abbas Dilawar wrote in the comment, “He is really sad for Sania Mirza who faced so much hatred in India for marrying Shoaib.”

One user became so emotional for Sania Mirza that she wrote, “Sania Mirza fought the entire system and the entire country so that she could marry Shoaib Malik and now Shoaib married Sana Javed.”

Many users seemed very angry with Shoaib

Many users seemed very angry with Shoaib Malik and once again shared the meme 'Sarfaraz will cheat'. The difference was that this time there were pictures of Shoaib Malik on the meme.

Although many people have congratulated the new couple Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik, the majority are those who are either angry with Shoaib in sympathy with Sania or are surprised at this sudden news.

Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza got married in 2010 and that marriage was much talked about in Pakistan and India.

Shoaib Malik's family expresses discontent

However, no members of Shoaib's family attended the wedding ceremony, with sources indicating their dissatisfaction over Shoaib's decision to break ties with Sania.

Imran Zafar, Malik's brother-in-law, revealed learning about the marriage through social media and affirmed that none of Shoaib's family members were present at the wedding with Sana.

Currently, Shoaib plans to reunite with his son in Dubai.

Sources suggest that both families had traveled to Dubai by the end of 2022 to assist in resolving the marital discord, as Shoaib's family opposed the idea of a divorce.

"The aftermath of Shoaib Malik's divorce left his family profoundly saddened, urging the cricketer to prioritize repairing his relationship," sources stated, noting that Shoaib and Sana had reportedly been in a relationship for some time.

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