20 Jan 2024

Airstrike in Syria Claims Lives of Iranian Officials; Israel Allegedly Behind Attack

A residential building in the Mazzeh neighborhood of the Syrian capital, Damascus, was reportedly targeted by an airstrike, resulting in the deaths of several Iranian IRGC officers. 

Syria's state-run SANA news agency attributed the attack to Israeli aggression. Early reports suggest that four officers of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, including the head of its information unit, were killed in the strike. 

The building, identified as being used by Iranian advisers, was completely destroyed. The attack follows a pattern of similar incidents targeting Iranian military facilities in Syria, with Israel expressing its commitment to preventing the consolidation of Iranian forces in the region.

The affected area houses diplomatic missions, including those of Lebanon and Iran.

The alleged attack occurred on Saturday morning, as evidenced by videos on social media showing smoke rising from the scene.

Security sources, as quoted by Reuters, attribute the missile strike to Israel. This claim is echoed by Syrian government media.

Local media reports in Syria specify a targeted building in the Mazzeh area, with the explosion reportedly audible across much of the capital.

Issam Al Amin, the head of Al Muwasat Hospital in Damascus, confirmed receiving one fatality and three injured individuals, including a woman, following the Saturday morning attack.

While initial reports suggested the presence of Islamic Jihad members in the building, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad later stated that none of its members were harmed.

Israel has conducted numerous airstrikes on Iran-linked targets in Syria, yet it has not officially claimed responsibility for such actions.

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