16 Feb 2024

Bhopal: Second phase of BRTS Corridor removal from Roshanpura to Kamla Park begins

Bhopal: Following the decision of CM Mohan Yadav, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation initiated the second phase of BRTS removal on Friday. The corridor spanning from Roshanpura to Kamla Park is slated for dismantling during this phase.

Before commencing the dismantling work, a team from BMC conducted a religious ritual at the Roshanpura corridor. The Public Works Department had previously uprooted the 3.8-kilometer-long corridor from Halapur to Sehore Naka on January 21.

The BRTS removal is expected to be completed within 180 days. The corridor from Halalpur to Sehore Naka has already been removed, while the dismantling of the Roshanpura to Kamla Park corridor began on Friday.

In 2011, the state government sanctioned the Bhopal BRTS project, and by September 2013, after two years, the corridor was fully laid out on the city streets. The 24-kilometer stretch between Misrod and Sant Hirdaram Nagar Bairagarh was constructed at a cost of Rs 360 crore.

Corridor divided into four sections

Halalpur to Sehore Naka (3.81 km)

Roshanpura to Kamla Park (1.42 km)

Misrod to AMPRI (6.40 km)

Collectorate to Lalghati (1.73 km)

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