18 Feb 2024

Dangal film star Suhani Bhatnagar's mother tells about her dream which remained unfulfilled

At the tender age of 19, Dangal film sensation Suhani Bhatnagar bid farewell to the world at Delhi AIIMS, leaving her family and the entire Faridabad community in mourning. Suhani's final rites were conducted at the Ajraunda cremation ground on the National Highway, where tearful eyes bid adieu to the promising young star.

Suhani has worked as a model and has done various print ads, TV Commercials, Catalog shoot and videos. Suhani rose to prominence for her work in role as ‘Child Babita Kumari’ on the Aamir Khan‘s starring Hindi Movie Dangal (2016). She got a breakthrough role in the film Dangal as child Babita Kumari.

Suhani's departure has left her parents heartbroken

Just two months prior, red rashes appeared on Suhani's body, leading to a diagnosis of dermatomyositis. The condition tragically led to the accumulation of water in her organs, causing irreversible damage to her lungs. Suhani's departure has left her parents heartbroken, though they take solace in the pride of their daughter's accomplishments that brought fame not only to her but also to Faridabad.

A resident of Sector 17, Suhani embarked on her career as the Dangal Girl at the age of six. News of her untimely demise shocked the city, prompting nearby residents to offer condolences to her grieving family.

Suhani was selected from a pool of 1000 children 

Suhani's parents told media that her passion for modeling and acting led her to an interview in Delhi, where she was selected from a pool of 1000 children to portray the role of Babita Phogat in the film Dangal. 

Suhani cherished dream of a successful acting career 

Suhani's mother Pooja told that despite her love for acting, Suhani chose to pursue mass communication (journalism) and was in her second year at Manav Rachna Shikshan Sansthan, Faridabad. Her dream of a successful acting career after completing her studies remains unfulfilled, leaving the entire family in deep sorrow.

Disease went undetected by multiple hospitals

Father Puneet Bhatnagar shared that Suhani battled dermatomyositis, a disease that went undetected by multiple hospitals in Faridabad. Despite efforts and treatments, her condition deteriorated. Admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi last Tuesday, Suhani's health continued to decline, leading to the tragic filling of water in her organs and irreversible lung damage, ultimately claiming her life.

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